Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Auckland Botanical Gardens

When we got there I saw a Tui, a native bird, different types of plants and different types of flowers. I also saw ponds, houses, decks, signs, people, (of course), different types of sculptures, bridges, ducks, different types of trees, frogs, eels, dogs, cars and insects. I heard lots of talking in different languages, noises of animals and a cool breeze.

I could smell flowers, perfume and dung! I got excited when we got to the Edible Garden because I wanted to see the fruits and vegetables but when I was looking I got a little bit cold. (Alright, I was very cold.) It was also my favourite garden area because it had fruit and vegetables and by the way, I love (not like) love fruit and vegetables!

My favourite flower was roses because I liked their colour and the smell that was filling the air. My favourite sculpture was the bird sculpture at the front of the building because I liked the creation that looked like a tornado.

It was a fun day there. It was my second time going there too!


  1. Talofa Lava Saluselo! What an awesome story about going to the Auckland Botanical Gardens! You developed a skill of creativity. How can you create those photos that look fantastic? Keep it up son! God Bless You!

    From Mum.

    1. Talofa lava! We did have a wonderful trip to the Botanic Gardens. Thank you so much for supporting Saluselo's learning with a quality blog comment!