Friday, 16 February 2018

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Talofa! My name is Saluselo and I am  currently a year 8 prefect at Ruapotaka
School. Being a prefect comes with a lot of responsibility because everyone
looks up to you and copies your every move.

I am tall in height and the third tallest in my family.

My hobbies are drawing, basketball, drumming and reading.
Drawing is mostly one of my skills and I almost draw
everything. I even drew my own house. Basketball, on the other
hand, is what I am learning presently. I am also a drummer for my church
which is weird because when I drum, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY is
watching  me. Reading is my favourite subject at school and I read a lot of
either adventure or action books.

Summer Learning Journey!!

Last week, a canadian woman stood in-front of the students in the senior block and talked about their program that they are doing during the summer holidays named the "Summer Learning Journey." Her name was Rachel Williams and she came last, last term to talk about a similar program called the "Winter Learning Journey."

She talked about how much people were helping her with the project. I looked and . . . that is a lot of people!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

The Revealing Film

On Wednesday, it was time to reveal the year 8's Manaiakalani film on the huge screen in Sylvia Park. Most of the schools arrived at the Cinemas to watch the films that were created by Manaiakalani schools including Ruapotaka.

The film that was made by the year 8s, was about Rugby Values and how to become a champion player. It was loud and exciting at the same time but mostly the teachers were proud of their students for working together and helping each other.

The movie's main advice is that everyone can achieve more and BE BETTER THAN BEFORE!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Swimming Today . . . Oh No!!

It was a normal day on Friday, but what made it so special was that, the years 7 and 8 boys are going swimming. Yay!

We waited until it was past noon because that was the time that we go swimming. 5 minutes have passed. 10, 20, nearly 40 minutes have passed. We still didn't get the signal to get ready to go swimming.

Half past one. We were still at school. I finally received a message from a friend of mine, Timote. He said that we didn't have swimming today. I was disappointed. Really disappointed. Meafou said that we get the van from Tamaki College but today Tamaki had a game and they used the van.

It was the worst day ever!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

End Of The Year Tests!

The end of the year tests is today! I was so nervous that I couldn't focus at all! Luckily we did our Maths test and our Spelling test. We had two minutes to finish each of our Basic Facts tests. It was very quiet so people can focus on their tests.

I was also really nervous about the marks because I didn't know if I would pass the tests. I looked for my name on the list and .... what a surprise! I went up 12 percent since my last test. I scored 245 correct out of 250! Yay! I am ready for the real test now!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Fitness Disaster!!

On Tuesday, we started our new fitness. Our fitness now includes relays which means we are organized in our dance groups and are split up into four corners.
There were four cones on the field. Each teammate had to run to each cone and pass the baton to our teammate there, but it ended up in a disaster! People didn't know what team they were in, they didn't know how to pass it to their teammate, and even one team gave their baton to another team member! It was outrageous! It was messy.

Mr. Reid said that if we didn't do it properly tomorrow, we had to do Ms. Riley's fitness which was circuits!