Wednesday, 21 June 2017

St Kents At Ruapotaka School!

On Monday morning, students from St Kents came to coach us with some sports and also to succeed in their test that they were having. If some of them didn't pass their tests, they would have to come back to Ruapotaka School another day and pass their test.

We were split up into 3 groups so they was group 1, group 2 and group 3. I was in group 3.

We were with two rugby students. Our activity was ripper tag. We got spit again in two groups. Ripper tag was difficult because the two groups were in two middle-sized squares. If you go out of the square, one of the teachers will take on or more tags depending on how long you are outside of the square.

The whistle went and the rugby students bought everyone together to see who got the most tags out the two groups. I had the total of 6 tags and the other person from the other group had the total of 4. It was fun!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

🥇Duffy Award!!🥇

 On Monday, we had a whole school assembly as usual. One of the items that occur is when Mrs Vickers gives out the Duffy books and certificate to the pupils who have been doing well in their reading, writing or other subjects.

She called out the room numbers one by one: 9, 10,11 and 12. It was their turn to receive the Duffy books. The teachers had a good think about who they were going to chose. Finally,  Mr Reid picked Mary and Mrs Golder picked Saluselo which is me because I did well in my reading. I moved up a reading group as well as my reading level.

When I went up to get my award, I felt nervous. This is my 5th Duffy book award. Afterwards, Mrs Vickers congratulated me by shaking my hand and gave me a Spirit Animals book which is my favourite book.

When I looked at my book, I thought to myself, 'now I have two books like these.' I was proud of myself for doing well!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

National Milk Day!!

Today is National Milk Day and today we get to drink our milk at morning tea. Meana was taking photos of us drinking our milk. 

It is good to drink milk because it is good for our teeth and our health. I love to drink it at school and every one else. 

Ruapotaka School is grateful that we are one of the schools in New Zealand to have milk.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Inter-school Soccer Competition

On Wednesday, the Year 7/8 soccer team represented Ruapotaka in the inter-school soccer tournament held at Point England Reserve.
Me, Mika, Timote, Lupe, Katrina, Meana, Isabell, Izabella, Dakbai, Solomone and Min Zin were ready for anything.
The first school we played against was Glen Taylor. It was a difficult match and the year 7&8's fought hard just to get that one goal.
After that game, we did some changes. Dakbai went into the game to replace Min Zin as attacker and in the last three minutes we finally scored a goal. We all celebrated and high-fived each other.

The other schools were Tamaki Primary which we lost 1-0. Mr Reid was disappointed in us, so we sat there and made a game plan. The next match was with Sylvia Park and our game plan worked. Mr Reid was happy that we changed how we played and that we won the game. The next school to face us was St Patrick's. We worked together and we won 7-0.

In the semi-finals, Ruapotaka was up against Panmure Bride and we won 4-0. So that meant Ruapotaka  moved on to the finals against Stonefields. This was going to be hard. We played hard until time was up. We drew 0-0. It was the first time that Ruapotaka school had come first. This years soccer was awesome. Mr Reid was still fizzing from the win!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Funny Syndicate Assembly!!😆😅

The first Syndicate Assembly was so hilarious that I nearly bursted into tears. I couldn't even catch my breath. It started off like this . . . . .

It was Room 12's turn to host the first ever Syndicate Assembly for Term 2 2017. We decided to do an epic lip sync battle. Mika started it off with an incredible introductory BANG.

Afterwards, we sang a song from the kids movie "Moana." The song was about an adventurous girl who lives in a village and tries to save her island. The next song was called "How Far I'll Go." That's when it started to get funny. Then the battle began. It was cool and interesting to watch them lip sync to a song they chose. The funniest class was Room 10 and they were represented by Peni and Dominic. They sang to a song called "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen. They became the new lip sync champions.

Friday, 5 May 2017

The First Tech Of Term 2!!

My first tech in term 2 was kind of okay, mostly because I didn't do much work on my project that I was working on. It was a "Recipe Card Holder" for my mother because it is nearly Mother's Day. That was the first reason why I decided to do it. The second reason was because my mother loves baking and cooking. I also thought of doing some Samoan patterns. I did it along the sides with a very sharp pencil. Afterwards I showed it to Mr. Grundy, our teacher for woodwork. He said after I did the patterns, I could use a permanent maker to over-line it. The first tech for term 2 was terrific!

Term 2!!😉😉

 On Monday, it was exciting for me because it was the first day of Term 2. I couldn't wait to go to school. First I thought we were going to take our chromebooks home like usual but we didn't have homework. "No homework, no taking chromebooks home". That is what my teacher says ( well sometimes.)

There was an assembly that afternoon. I was very excited about it. It was about how we celebrate Anzac and only a few of my classmates from my school went to the Easter show. It was fabulous to be back at school.