Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Everyday Theaters

This morning, two ladies from Game Masters came to Ruapotaka School to talk to Room 12 and Room 11. Their names were Vera and Kaitlin. They said they were the highest player in each game but they were stuck on one game. They had to act like a Dave (Dad), Marea (Mum), T (Son), Jake (T friend) and Bryian (Marea's boyfriend). It was fun because we had to complete activities and at the end of the session, we got a badge and a card that said "Game Masters."

Mr Grundy's Wood Work

For the past 5 weeks, the year 7's have been working at Tamaki College with Mr Grundy. We were working with wood but the first 4 weeks, we had to draw pictures with a joint that is a called a "Housing Joint." We had to work with a wood that was 320 millimeters long. We had to draw 9 to 10 options that would work with a housing joint. We had to think of new drawings because if we do, we will have top marks. When we had finished drawing all 9 to 10 drawings we had to choose one picture to work on. Now this week, we are working on the picture that we have chosen. I chose an "Ezle" because I love drawing and it is simple to make. This week is going to be fun!

This is the video that Mr Grundy show the Yr 7's.  Mr Grundy's Video.

Friday, 3 March 2017

The Secret Life Of Pests

The Secret Life Of Pests

Pests are little animals, creatures and insects that are filthy, disgusting and smelly that carry diseases like rat-bite fever and weil's disease  They do damage to people's farms and houses and they commonly eat your gardens and crops. Pests are dangerous creatures.

Rat Bites
Rat bites can cause “Leptospirosis” which can lead to kidney damage, meningitis, liver failure, respiratory distress, and even death. It is spread by cattle, pigs, dogs, rats, and other animals which is really surprising.

Wasp Stings
If people get stung by a wasp, it doesn’t only sting people once but it can sting people a thousand times. A wasp is half the size of its close cousin the hornet.  There is one special thing about wasps, it can’t die. It can only die if people kill it.

Spider Bites
Spider bites are one of the most deadliest bites on earth. Some are non-poisonous and some are poisonous. The most poisonous spider in the whole world is the “11 Recluse Spider.” Spider bites can cause big lumps, itchiness and also kill people.

Horse Fly
Female Horse flies are aggressive and can bite. It is dangerous to the human health. Female House flies can transfer blood from another animal or human to their feeding habit. Male horse flies do not drink blood but they feed on pollen. Female horse flies apparently are attracted to such things as moving and shiny surfaces so they actually live in houses.

Concluding Statement
Pests are creatures or animals that are dangerous to our environment. Pests  damage things and destroy crops and houses. We do not like pests.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


 On Wednesday, we had tabloids. The whole school was split up in groups that were organised by Mrs Vickers and the prefects. (Mika, Meana, Min Zin, Saluselo, Katrina.) The groups are Kowhai, Kakariki, Whero and Kikorangi. In English, it is yellow, green, red, and blue. We had to work together to get points for our team. Meana's group got 35 points, Min, Zins group got 27 points, Mikas group got 35 points and my team got 37 points. It was the best day ever. It was great! 

Friday, 10 February 2017

The First Senior Syndicate Assembly For 2017

It wasn't our normal day where we start the assembly on Mondays. Instead, because  it was Waitangi day we had to do our assembly on Tuesday. It was kinda weird having an assembly on Tuesday. It was our turn to host the syndicate assembly. It was fun. We had to dance to a music,  and me, Mika and Lupe had to dance to "Hit The Quan."

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Run! Jump! Throw!

Intro: Welcome back to the final episode of run, jump, throw! In this final episode, there is: 1) Messy house, clean house - where there are two areas with nine stuffed toys on each area. 2) Shot putt 1 (Not ordinary shot putt.) 3) Shot putt 2 with a cricket wicket! This is going to be an extraordinary event . . .

Thursday 24th November 2016

Run, Jump, Throw.

The past 6 weeks, we had run jump throw with coach Declan. He is a coach from a company called “Kelly Sports.” The first two weeks, we had to learn how to get ready when you are participating in a race and how to run. The week after we had practiced how to run, we had to learn how to jump. In the last two weeks we learnt how to throw. These were my favourite sessions because there was a game called “Knock Down The Wicket.” The team that had most points, they got 10 minutes of play time on their Chromebooks. Three teams won, including my team. It was fun but the fun was over. I hope we do it again next year.