Thursday, 19 October 2017

Term 4 Goals!!

On Thursday, the fourth day of term 4, we had to think about our goals we needed to do for this term. We had to complete four goals based on our subjects and one other that is our personal goal. My personal goal was to be fit so that I can 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the inter schools athletics. My reading goal is to use year 7 words so that I can expand my ideas to the group. I was trying to push my maths level up so I wrote for the maths goal is to learn my timestables so I can be ready for the hard exams this term. My writing goal is to be focused so I cannot be disturbed by people around me or distraction.

I will try be achieve all my goals this term so that I can better than before!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

First Tech Of Term 4!!

On Wednesday, the year 7's went to the first Tech for Term 4.

Mr Pineda greeted us in front of Tamaki College. We went inside and stood up to say a prayer. Mr Pineda picked Katrina to say the prayer. " Dear God, I woke up this morning feeling great. I feel alive, I feel bleesed. I am sorry for my sins that I have done people. Amen."

Mr Pineda gave us a plank peice of paper and a paper to do our 3-D box. The Topic was based on food, so we had to either choose our favourite food our a T.V character. I chose Kakashi from Naruto Online. The reason why I picked Kakashi was because I owned a Chinese takeaway in my imagination.

I started to draw him when Mr Reid came inside to tell us we had to go to school again. I gave my drawing to Mr Pineda and stood in the year 7 line. We said thank you to Mr Pineda and went on our way.

Combining Colours!

How do you change colours by using two separate colours?

Firstly, draw two or three circles on a cardboard or on the cover of a pad paper and use a ruler to find the centre of the circle and put a line through it. Colour one half of the circle green and the other red. Colour the other two circles half red, blue or green. Two colours can combine into one colour when the circles are spun.

Find the centre and mark the middle. Measure two centimetres across the middle and mark it with a pencil. Punch the marked dots on the circle with a nail. Cut out the circles and put a one metre string through the holes. Put another circle behind the one that has been put in. Glue the two circles together and tie a knot on one side of the string. Turn the circle and let a friend hold your circle. At this point when it is spun fast, it can change colour, for example green and blue makes turquoise and red and green makes yellow or orange.

The speed of the circle, the more likely a colour change will be observed.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Graphics With Mr Pineda

Learn 3D Shapes

Today at Technicraft I attended graphics and 3 dimensional shapes. Mr Pineda our instructor how reviewed us how to cut 3 dimensional shapes. Afterwards my first 3 dimensional shape I had to design. Once you completed a 3 dimensional shape you will gain points for yourself. The harder the cutting, folding, and gluing the pieces together, the more points you will receive.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

💻Technology At Tamaki College!💻

At Tamaki College, we switched classes so that means the year 7's went to graphics with Mr Pineda and the year 8's went to wood working with Mr Grundy.

When the year 7's students went into the room of graphics, we were met by another teacher Mrs Kasipale. We asked the tutor where Mr Pineda was and she said that she didn't know.

We started off the day by reading instructions Mr Pineda provided for us. We had to write our names in different fonts. I did a fire and water kind of font. I also did a lightning font.

My name looked awesome after I finished drawing. I love graphics!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


On Wednesday for tech, the year 7's are going to make Nachos. It is a dish with tortilla chips but we used Doritos topped with melted cheese and often with other savoury toppings. It is originally from Mexico near Texas.

First we crushed two pieces of garlic by putting them in a towel and smashing them with the roller. It smelt like onion put very strong and powerful. We sprinkled it into a pan and poured in canola oil. I put on the oven and stir it until it was brown-ish and crispy. After we put in the mixture, we put in a quarter of mince in the frying pan and combined it with the garlic by mixing them until the mince was golden brown. Then we put in a mixture of baked beans, spaghetti, tomato paste and graved cheese. I mixed and mixed until it was well combined.

I wanted to take it to my dad so I covered it with foil. It was yum!

Banana Muffins At Tech!!!

Today, we had tech at Tamaki College and it was about cooking. We made Banana Muffins with Mrs Tuipulotu. 

First, we had to get the equipment to get ready for Mrs Tuipulotu's instructions. She gave us two bananas and we were instructed to slice them into a bowl. We mashed the bananas until it was so slimy that it felt like saliva with squishy lollies in it. 
After that we put in all the ingredients and baked them in the oven.
Finally we get to eat. It was yum!