Friday, 28 July 2017

🏆School Sharing Assembly For Pasifika Study!!🏆

Today, we had a school sharing assembly where each room had to perform in front of the whole school to showcase their Pasifika study.

Room 1 did a Sasa which is one of three Samoan performances. After a entertaining performance by Room 1, the students went off stage and Room 5 came marching in. They started to sing "Le Aute" which was enjoyable. 

Room 6 came up next. For the first time in Ruapotaka history, we had a cat-walk. They showed off their amazing Tongan and Samoan clothes. 

After, Room 7 came up next. They also did a dance. It was cool to watch because some of them danced a solo.

Room 9 sang a Samoan song called "Si Manu La'ititi" meaning Little Bird. I felt inspired by the students the bird in the song touched my heart. 

Room 10 sang a Tongan song called "E Otua." It was awesome to hear them sing. 

Room 12 finally went up on stage. We sang a "How Far I'll Go." Mrs Golder said that we sounded beautiful.

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