Wednesday, 16 August 2017


On Wednesday for Tech, the year 7's made Nachos. It is a dish with tortilla chips but we used Doritos topped with melted cheese which is often used with other savoury toppings. It is originally from Mexico which borders U.S.A.

First we crushed two pieces of garlic by putting them in a towel and smashing them with the roller. It smelt like onion put very strong and powerful. We sprinkled it into a pan and poured in canola oil. I turned on the element and stirred it until it was brown-ish and crispy. After we put in the mixture, we put in a quarter of mince in the frying pan and combined it with the garlic by mixing them until the mince was golden brown. Then we put in a mixture of baked beans, spaghetti, tomato paste and grated cheese. I mixed and mixed until it was well combined.

I wanted to take the dish to my dad so I covered it with foil and took it home. It was yum-o!

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