Thursday, 5 July 2018

Jess (The Hip Hop Coach)

On Friday, it was the final day for Jess to teach us Hip-Hop. We went inside and went straight into our final dance. She told us to make our moves sharp and hard. It was hard to move while everyone were in the same spot and it was hard for me to concentrate with all the hands and feet going wild in the air.

After that, we did a game called "Musical Statues" and for me was like trying to relax from all that concentration. The point of the game was whenever Jess told us a dance move, we all had to make that same dance move while the music stopped. If we move or get the dance move wrong then we were out. I came 5th.

After that, we did a couple of pictures with Jess and after that, I stood up to say a thank you speech to Jess for what she has taught us.

Thank you Jess!!

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